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Mar 2017
Dayanne Fernandes
Mar 15 2017 05:04
Hello! Can anyone answer if I can contribute for ouroboros project on GSoC ?
Yudit Sharabi
Mar 15 2017 10:03
@eliasdorneles , let me repeat what you said to check if I understand.If I am looking at : there is nothing when I rea again you mean to add bytes type to Iterator in the same manner as :
Shubham Maddhashiya
Mar 15 2017 10:51
Hello everyone, I have submitted a PR pybee/voc#423 voc project(replace method for String type).please review it. Thanks in
Shyam Sunder
Mar 15 2017 11:04
Target "checkstyle" does not exist in the project "python".what does it mean when i execute checkstyle test
Mar 15 2017 17:56
Some log files are also getting pushed along with my PR. How do i remove those?
Nimish Singhal
Mar 15 2017 17:56
Use .gitignore
Mar 15 2017 17:57
could you send me the entire command?
AD Mohanraj
Mar 15 2017 18:07
Hey everyone! I'm a current student at UC Berkeley interested in participating in GSoC with pybee. For my project proposal, I was thinking on working on an implementation of the datetime standard library in Java for use with VOC. However, I see that Ouroboros already has an implementation of datetime in Python. Can this Ouroboros library be used with VOC, or is there a need for a Java implementation?
Mar 15 2017 18:08
thanks @ASP1234
Nimish Singhal
Mar 15 2017 18:08
Guillermo Ramos-Macias
Mar 15 2017 22:12
Hi guys, through some exploration in batavia I found that dict.keys() returns a list instead of a dict_keys object. Is this intentional?