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Jun 2018
Russell Keith-Magee
Jun 03 2018 02:59
@danyeaw So, I’m not opposed to it; I’m just not sure if the space we’re in will benefit from the sort of testing coverage that Hypothesis can provide. It might help find some more edge cases with VOC or Batavia; but for Toga… I’m not sure what bugs it would reveal (or, at least, where the effort of parameterizing would exceed the benefits)
Did you have something specific in mind?
Jun 03 2018 04:31
@obulat for my Notebook project, when I close the window on Mac, the app is also closed. So to make it consistent with winforms implementation, I think it makes sense to follow the similar method of winforms, to decide if the closed window is the main_window, and call the handler. However, I have another problem now. I’ve added the logic to decide if it is the main_window, but the handler is called twice with I close the window/app.
Serge Beaumont
Jun 03 2018 10:11
Hello all, I'm trying to get the PyBee Hello World tutorial to run. I'm using pipenv. When I try to run the app on MacOS it just crashes, running it directly with python -m gives me a ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '' error. I've also installed it in my venv with pipenv, but to no avail. I can't find a reference to a separate toga-style lib to install. Has anybody ever seen this proble3m?
Serge Beaumont
Jun 03 2018 10:18
Okay, never mind. "pipenv update" did the trick. Apparently some dependencies were borked.
Prateek Surana
Jun 03 2018 18:38
Hi everyone I am trying to contribute to the voc project, I have successfully setup the environment on my machine and have gone through the tutorials, but two thing I am not able to understand is how the tests are working for example if I want to run the test for test_isdigit() in, first of all what command should I run to test the same I have tried python test -s tests.datatypes.test_str.TranspileTestCase.test_isdigit and secondly according to this doucumentation I should "modify the implementation of Str until you get the same output from CPython program as you do from VOC-compiled version of the same program" where do I need to write this imlemetation.
Amir Yalamov
Jun 03 2018 20:43
@freakboy3742 Is there a way to see if the test passes on the CI server without making a pull request? As of now, the test passes on my machine, but as you mentioned, I need to see if it passes on the CI server as well.
Russell Keith-Magee
Jun 03 2018 23:46
@prateek3255 The command line you use is the path to the module, class and method that you’re trying to test. TranspileTestCase is a base class; you need the name of the actual test class (I’m guessing StrTests) will be the right class in your case.
As for which file you need to modify - that’s in python/common/org/python/types/
@AmirYalamov Well, the test suite that is running is exactly the same; it’s differences in machine that are causing the discrepancy you’re seeing. I suppose if you were to find an Linux machine with exactly the same hardware specification, you’d get the same error. You might get a different result by simply moving to a different computer.
However, you can submit as many updates to a single PRs as you want; if you don’t want to leave lots of ‘temporary’ pushes in your final PR history, you can collapse them out afterwards and force the history of your branch. However, that’s a cosmetic thing that we’re not overly concerned with.