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Jun 2018
Dan Yeaw
Jun 04 2018 00:39
@freakboy3742 The canvas widget has a lot of parameters, so that's what made me think about it. But, I agree that something like VOC or Batavia would be a more natural use case.
Jun 04 2018 23:36
hello, im new in pybee field and need some help to convert my django project to toga -> mobile apps. what the right steps to do that?
Russell Keith-Magee
Jun 04 2018 23:38
@dvirz5 That’s a bit of a broad question. Toga is a framework for building mobile apps - it’s also a framework that is in rapid development. The short answer is “you do the tutorial, then you keep going”. However, keep in mind: Toga is v0.3. If you’re expecting a “Django-like” developer experience, you’re going to be disappointed. There are a lot of features still in development. You’re going to hit the “bleeding edge” fairly quickly.
Is there somethign specific that you’re looking for help with?
Jun 04 2018 23:45
@freakboy3742 thank you for your quick response. ok so i understand that pybee will be the perfect solution for this task in the future. there is any onther solution in the market that can make the process easier?