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Jun 2018
Jun 15 2018 07:05

I looked at the pack algorithm, and wrote a test case. The test case is at I stepped through the packing procedure in pdb. I think lines 128 to 131 of src/core/toga/style/ might be problematic. When hitting these lines for the node_0_0 TestNode in that test case, the available_width is 630 (which seems fair, it's the size of the viewport less some padding) and the node.intrinsic.width is 10, and the on line 129 available_width is set to 630. This later goes on to be the width used for the node, and the surrounding boxes.

This seems to match up with step 1 of the algorithm described on, If the element has a minimum intrinsic width, the available width is fixed to the maximum of the adjusted view width and the intrinsic minimum width.

I thought that maybe setting line 129 to min() would be better, but when I did that, a bunch of other test cases failed.

Jun 15 2018 20:03
hey there, am i looking in thw wrong place or is there no way to access camera with toga yet?
Russell Keith-Magee
Jun 15 2018 22:46
@QwertyCoolMT The bridging tools are good enough to hit the native camera APIs, but Toga itself doesn’t have a cross-platform camera API yet.