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Mohamed Hamdy
How found: Mouse move (1033,446)
hwnd=0x000709D6 32bit class="GLISTCLASS" style=0x50A00000 ex=0x200
RuntimeId: "[42.461270]"
BoundingRectangle: {l:866 t:369 r:1130 b:549}
ProcessId: 13220
ControlType: UIA_PaneControlTypeId (0xC371)
LocalizedControlType: "pane"
Name: ""
AccessKey: ""
HasKeyboardFocus: false
IsKeyboardFocusable: true
IsEnabled: true
AutomationId: "1"
HelpText: ""
IsPassword: false
NativeWindowHandle: 0x709D6
IsOffscreen: false
FrameworkId: "Win32"
ProviderDescription: "[pid:7084,providerId:0x709D6 Main:Nested [pid:13220,providerId:0x709D6 Annotation(parent link):Microsoft: Annotation Proxy (unmanaged:uiautomationcore.dll); Main:Microsoft: MSAA Proxy (unmanaged:uiautomationcore.dll)]; Nonclient:Microsoft: Non-Client Proxy (unmanaged:uiautomationcore.dll); Hwnd(parent link):Microsoft: HWND Proxy (unmanaged:uiautomationcore.dll)]"
Scroll.HorizontalScrollPercent: 0.000000
Scroll.HorizontalViewSize: 100.000000
Scroll.VerticalScrollPercent: 0.000000
Scroll.VerticalViewSize: 1.898734
Scroll.HorizontallyScrollable: false
Scroll.VerticallyScrollable: true
IsDockPatternAvailable: false
IsExpandCollapsePatternAvailable: false
IsGridItemPatternAvailable: false
IsGridPatternAvailable: false
IsInvokePatternAvailable: false
IsMultipleViewPatternAvailable: false
IsRangeValuePatternAvailable: false
IsScrollPatternAvailable: true
IsScrollItemPatternAvailable: false
IsSelectionItemPatternAvailable: false
IsSelectionPatternAvailable: false
IsTablePatternAvailable: false
IsTableItemPatternAvailable: false
IsTextPatternAvailable: false
IsTogglePatternAvailable: false
IsTransformPatternAvailable: false
IsValuePatternAvailable: false
IsWindowPatternAvailable: false
IsItemContainerPatternAvailable: false
IsVirtualizedItemPatternAvailable: false
FirstChild: "Vertical" scroll bar
LastChild: "Vertical" scroll bar
Next: (null) title bar
Previous: "" dialogue
Other Props: Object has no additional properties
Children: "Vertical" scroll bar
Ancestors: "Derivatives" window
"View Selection for [Desktop\test.lay]" dialogue
"LayMan - [Desktop\test.lay] " window
"Desktop 1" pane
[ No Parent ]
Vasily Ryabov
@draconlord looks like you're out of luck. Sorry.
Is it possible to obtain a control from cursor?
Vasily Ryabov
@LexiconCode from pywinauto import Desktop; Desktop(backend="uia").from_point(x, y)
That was very helpful thank you!

A couple questions regarding the following code.

from pywinauto import Application
app = Application(backend="uia").connect(process=15900) # Notepad
dlg = app['Untitled - Notepad']
# Timed start
text = app['dlg']['Edit'].get_value() #  329ms to grab the text control
# Timed stop
  1. Is there a faster way to retrieve "get_value" before caching?
  2. Reviewing the documentation for https://pywinauto.readthedocs.io/en/latest/code/pywinauto.controls.uia_controls.html#pywinauto.controls.uia_controls.EditWrapper I am a bit confused. I would like to retrieve additional information such as get_value's line_count(). I think I'm confusing the difference between the edit control and its element?

In general my end goal is to be able to:

- Grab Edit/document controls text body
- caret index from beginning of document to current caret position 
- anchor index beginning line index
- anchor position
- grab line index anchor position from the line index. caret indexed at the beginning of the line
- setting the caret/anchor position 

However it seems that caret/anchor is not implemented in pywinauto

Vasily Ryabov
Hi @LexiconCode the faster way to find EditWrapper is using more precise window specification like cached_edit = app.window(title="Main window title").child_window(control_type="Edit", found_index=0).wrapper_object(); chached_edit.get_value() because pre-filtering by control_type reduces list of interesting elements dramatically and it's very fast. So we don't have to retrieve title/text of all elements which is expensive.
1 reply
Vasily Ryabov
Setting caret position can be done by cached_edit.select(caret_index, caret_index) to select empty range of the text. Method .selection_indices() should return currect selection. It might be unreliable to get caret position because caret can be at start of at end of selection. So this is interesting question. Maybe we need to submit enhancement request to GitHub issues.
7 replies
You can try to experiment with cached_edit.iface_text.DocumentRangeobject. For example list all its attributes by dir(doc_range).

So this is interesting question. Maybe we need to submit enhancement request to GitHub issues.

Here is how to grab caret position for the current element using UIautomation in C++ or C#. Would that be enough information start up issue as an enhancement?

2 replies

Hello, I have developed a Pywinauto "Record/Replay" tool. There is still a lot of work to do but I would like to have first opinions and I'm looking for beta testers.

Here is a small video presentation:
Youtube presentation

I just realized that pywinauto_recorder.exe doesn't work on all machines (I'll fix this problem later). So to test it I advise you to download the ZIP archive of the clone: https://github.com/beuaaa/pywinauto_recorder/archive/master.zip
Hey guys I just started getting familiar with PyWinAuto and I created a basic calculator (WPF console in Visual studio 2019) and got the executable for it. I know how to open the application which goes something like app = Application(backend="uia").start('calculator.exe') but I'm not familiar with calling the buttons on my calculator. I have inspect.exe to help me out with the UI element properties so I can see the ControlType but I am not sure how to apply it here
I was thinking something like app.type_key('1*3=')
Vasily Ryabov
Hi @Bromus93_twitter it's worth reading the whole Getting Started Guide. It explains window specification concept and how to find particular element (and its wrapper).
@vasily-v-ryabov that was very helpful thank you
So I was able to click on the delete button on my calculator but for some reason whenever I try clicking on any of the special characters like 7, 8 or +, it tells me that Im using invalid syntax. I ran the print_control>identifiers() to make sure that I can see the child windows which I was able to. I did something like app.Off.click() and that worked fine but if i do something like app.7.click() then it doesnt work. Is it because it doesnt like the format of the button's title
Vasily Ryabov
Yes, because attribute name has the same limitations as variable name. It can’t start from digit or special character because of Python syntax. Use app[“7”].click() instead. Item access has no such restrictions. Any string is OK.
Hey guys is there a version of selected_item_index() from the ListBox for TreeView? I couldnt find it anywhere and was wondering if there was a way to retrieve the index of a tree item
And this is for Win32
Swaraj Kumar Barik
Hi All
I'm new to Pywinauto
While I started my application, the pop up opens & closes automatically
how can we handle this?
Vasily Ryabov
Hi @swaraj_barik_twitter please read the Getting Started Guide first, then Waiting for Long Operations. Methods wait() and wait_not() is what you need with proper window specifications.
Vasily Ryabov
@Bromus93_twitter this is not so easy because TreeView items are not populated in a hierarchy for "win32" backend. There is special virtual class _treeview_element which can be created indirectly using method get_item(path) or just item(path)where possible path values can be obtained by method print_items(). Hope it helps.
Thank you for clarifying that @vasily-v-ryabov
I am trying to click on a button window by doing something like dlg_button[('Data')].click() but it tells me that the control does not have a get item method for item access. This surprises me because previously i had done something like app[“7”].click() which didnt give me any issues. The only difference is that I had to go down a hierarchy level but regardless I am confused on why this is happening.
The other difference is that this is WPF
And the parent control of the button control has a control type of custom
Vasily Ryabov
@Bromus93_twitter what dlg_button['Data'].wrapper_object() returns? Is it TreeViewWrapper object from common_conrols.py?
@vasily-v-ryabov its just a random button but I actually figured it out the solution code. For some reason it wanted the method toggle() instead of click and it wanted me to specify the control. So it wanted something like dlg.Button.toggle(). That part doesn't bother me as much as me not being able to do something like dlg['data'].click() or dlg['data'].toggle() considering I was able to do this before on other applications for WPF (although now that Im thinking about it that was mainly for ListBox)but to answer your question its a Button wrapper from uia controls and not a TreeViewWrapper from common_controls.py

Hi all. Is there an option to pass "Start in directory" option to:


Hi All, i want to automate an installer automation, where parent process has a child process, so in that process have all the ui controls are available, how could i get the child process
hello guys i'm wondering if i can somehow set hotkeys to run a certain code if pressed with pywinauto?
Vasily Ryabov
Hi @thezelja method .start(...) takes optional parameter work_dir='...' or you can change working directory in Python using os.chdir(path_to_dir).
Hi @vasiinso you need something like Application(backend="uia").connect(title="...", timeout=10). Timeout is important since it is zero by default for now.
Hi @vasily-v-ryabov , I did some workaround for that. And i wanted to understand about this library, for ex:when i try to use some methods for ListItem, it says method not available for UIA Element Info, kind of error am getting as a developer inorder to know the type of element that is returning and handling the method by trying from ur suggested list is very tediuos . so can you help me with that, to better understand the library, it may be helpful if you share some other resources
Vasily Ryabov
@vasiinso currently it may look weird to find correct method. There is a list of supported patterns for every control type: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/winauto/uiauto-controlpatternmapping But some apps support MS UI Automation API not very well. So you may face COMError even if the docs from Microsoft tells it's a must. We're trying to workaround such cases if it's technically possible. But there is no 100% guarantee. Methods like .click_input() and .type_keys() work almost everywhere because it's not a UI Automation Pattern. But sometimes even .type_keys() may fail if .set_focus() provider implementation on the app side has some bug.
I keep getting the following error after installing pywinauto: DLL load failed while importing win32ui: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.. Is this a Python 3.9 thing? Any recommendation on what I can do here?
Yeah, appears to be a python 3.9 thing. Python 3.8 works.

Hi, I am trying to get the active tab of Mozilla Firefox, i am able to but it takes long, I am getting error if I search by class_name="Edit", tried with _re too. This is my query

app = pywinauto.Application(backend = 'uia').connect(process=4040)
dlg = app.top_window()
url = dlg.child_window(title="Search with Google or enter address",auto_id="urlbar-input",control_type="Edit",enabled_only=True,process=4040)
print (url.get_value())

Please suggest how to make it faster, rest all browsers return value within a second, this takes 4-5 seconds.

*Need to get the url of the active tab
Hi, I am trying to automate the digital signature in Adobe Reader DC. I managed to open the Tools pane but after that I want to access the "Open" button of the 'Certificates' tool. I would like to list the controls in the pane but I can't find how to do that. I used the method children() on the lowest level pane but it returned an empty list. If you have a tip or two that will be very welcome. Thanks.
@vasily-v-ryabov If I were to implement UI automation events such as AddFocusChangedEventHandler where would appropriate place for the wrapper? I would assumeuiawrapper.
How do I access items inside a ComboBoxExWrapper
am trying to select a row form the table. i have the below inspect property but i tied many t things but it does not work .. could you please any one help me on this.... how to select the row using the below property
Vasily Ryabov
@AshaN33 access by legacy_name will be implemented in next major release (no exact deadline unfortunately).