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Repo info
源码下载放到 go build 也报这个错误
已解决 windows下 编译 成linux下可执行文件
Why don't the category pages even work on the demo site?
requesting "" timeout, or has nothing. How to fix it??
fang duan
is this project dead ?
Piotr Kowalski
Hi, Maybe someone has an idea, what could be the reason for that in the Media Library on action "New" input with name selectedType is not hidden type but text? I prepared everything based on the qor-example repository.
Zbyněk Novotný
@dfang it's not, judging by the commit history on Github, but it's hard to get a response from the devs.
how to get template source for bindatafs?
Hi guys, have a question, i don't understand way, how to add custom page to admin? could you provide some links for examples or tell which way should i research, thx for attention.
Hello again, have new question, could you help me find a way how to change select option, which depends of another selected value
for example
i have Entity Foo, Bar, Baz. Bar have foreign key to Foo, Baz to Foo and Bar, i need when i creating new Baz and select Foo value, i wanna display Bar value that related to Foo.
hi, i have been playing with the framework. Is there a way to use the admin layout including the sidebar with custom views using qor render?
i have tried using "ctrl.View.Layout("layout").Execute("view", map[string]interface{}{}, req, w)" with layout begin the original layout defined in qor admin but id doesnt work
I am new to QOR
I am able to checkout build and run the application ...QOR-Example
but unable to login with and testing
it says verification pending.....
Can someone please help
i also populated the QOR demo data
@sachin-puranik Does the same thing persist with the Linux operating system?
I'm trying to localize the language of "qor-example." Is there an example or a way?
@epkim - I found the fix and able to login with success
Auth Module -> Password -> Handlers.go -> Change to authInfo auth_identity.AuthIdentity from authInfo auth_identity.Basic
this change shold be pushed to github
Zoo Sky
Hi, I'm very new to QOR. Has anybody used it in a Headles CMS fashion? Thx.
Zoo Sky
Is his project still alive and healthy?

Hi I'm looking at qor-example,
I want to change the menu category text on the left side, If you know the way of change this, Please Let me know.

In addition, I want to know where can I find the css applied to the admin page.

I can not login with account admin / testing
help me
I see message "You have to confirm your account before continuing"
Do you understand Chinese?
I've settled it. We can communicate smoothly in Chinese.
hi, does someone has problems with translations module i18n?, seems like i can not load the related templates
for some dependence , you may need to checkout old the commit or version.

I got these errors from the sample app, when I clicked on Home, Men, Women or Kids tab:

template: gender:10: unexpected unclosed action in command
template: :10: unexpected unclosed action in command

Any idea how to fix it?

I got the key error and "widget FullWidthBannerEditor not exists" error, when I was seeding it. Any idea how to fix it?

$ go run config/db/seeds/main.go config/db/seeds/seeds.go
Failed to create unique index for translations key & locale, got: Error 1170: BLOB/TEXT column 'key' used in key specification without a key length

[2019-10-26 09:32:44] Error 1170: BLOB/TEXT column 'key' used in key specification without a key length
WARNING: AssetFS is used before overwrite it!
goroutine 1 [running, locked to thread]:
runtime/debug.Stack(0x2e, 0x0, 0x0)
/usr/local/go/src/runtime/debug/stack.go:24 +0x9d
/usr/local/go/src/runtime/debug/stack.go:16 +0x22, 0x24938e0)
/Users/jwong3/go/src/ +0xc5
/Users/jwong3/go/src/ +0x5d
Need to have gorm DB in the configuration in order to run migrations
Start create sample data...
--> Created setting.
--> Created seo.
--> Created admin users.
--> Created users.
--> Created addresses.
--> Created categories.
--> Created collections.
--> Created colors.
--> Created sizes.
--> Created material.
--> Created medialibraries.
--> Created products.
--> Created stores.
--> Created orders.
2019/10/26 09:33:30 widget FullWidthBannerEditor not exists, make sure to register it
2019/10/26 09:33:30 widget FullWidthBannerEditor not exists, make sure to register it
2019/10/26 09:33:30 widget FullWidthBannerEditor not exists, make sure to register it
2019/10/26 09:33:30 widget FullWidthBannerEditor not exists, make sure to register it
--> Created widgets.
--> Created articles.
--> Created helps.
--> Done!
Is this qor project still active? How come no one is responding my questions?
Listening on: 9000
2019/11/07 18:39:23 Finish [GET] /admin Took 0.19ms
2019/11/07 18:39:23 http: panic serving [::1]:54051: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
quick start bug
I don nor know how to do
Waleed Gadelkareem
Hi, is there a way to implement a subscription based e-commerce website? do you have an example repo for it?
Ujjawal Sehrawat
Hey All
Ujjawal Sehrawat
I have a trouble on qor when I apply multiple filters using queries ,it uses the same db and join all the queries of different filters .