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Repo info
Ujjawal Sehrawat
and this is second one
Label: "Vendor User ID",
Config: &admin.SelectOneConfig{Collection: bulkupload.GetUsers},
Handler: func(db gorm.DB, filter admin.FilterArgument) gorm.DB {
//db1 := configuration.GetDB(constants.READ)
metaValue := filter.Value.Get("Value")
var filterValue interface{}
if metaValue != nil {
filterValue = metaValue.Value
} else {
filterValue = nil
//return db1.Exec("select
from user_queries JOIN products ON = user_queries.product_id where products.user_id is not null AND products.user_id = ? ", filterValue)
return db.Joins(" JOIN products ON = user_queries.product_id and products.user_id is not null AND products.user_id = ? ", filterValue)
How can I implement the second filter?
Hi guys, we are creating a wordpress clone based on qor called qorpress, any objections to it ?
Serge Tan Panza
Hi guys, has anyone used ? Looking for documentation to hook it to a request handler.
I have created a pull request qor/auth#39
Can some one please merge the pull
Martijn van Maasakkers
Hi guys, is it possible to disable a delete action on a qor/admin resource?
Martijn van Maasakkers
I fixed this by setting invisible to true on the resource and copying code from the AddResource:
Admin.AddMenu(&admin.Menu{Name: inflection.Plural(res.Config.Name), IconName: res.Config.IconName, Permissioner: res, Priority: res.Config.Priority, Ancestors: res.Config.Menu, RelativePath: res.ToParam()})
Admin.RegisterResourceRouters(res, "create", "update", "read")
Nathan Ngo
For those who cannot login (see message "You have to confirm your account before continuing"), pls make a change on auth as this PR
Nathan Ngo
Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 7.20.44 PM.png
can you see the image on the system? all the images on my local cannot be loaded, pls advice how to solve it?
Hello, how does qor's admin supports null.String by ?
When creating admin simply, edit panel shows "String" and "Valid" section for nullable columns.
But values of the section are empty even when it have some text

How can I access login page for a provider. Accessing http://localhost:9000/auth/login results in following page:

I do see the login file under password/views/auth/login/providers/password/tmpl, but cannot find the url which would send this page. Could not find anything in PasswordProvider .ServeHttp method which sends this page - was expecting a handle in this file

Screenshot from 2020-04-19 09-18-31.png
Arturo de la Vega Ruiz
Im getting this
someone knows why?
hello, I want to try the qor example, using go get command. Its failing with the following errors:
neil@neil-Inspiron-7577:~$ go get -u
go1: internal compiler error: in methods, at go/gofrontend/
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
See <file:///usr/share/doc/gcc-8/README.Bugs> for instructions.
go/src/ error: reference to undefined field or method ‘Rows’
for _, row := range sheet.Rows {
go/src/ error: reference to undefined field or method ‘Rows’
go/src/ error: range clause must have array, slice, string, map, or channel type
for i, cell := range row.Cells {
go/src/ error: range clause must have array, slice, string, map, or channel type
for _, row := range sheet.Rows {
go/src/ error: invalid type for range clause
for _, row := range sheet.Rows {
Tao Ritchie
Any experienced QOR/Go programmers looking for freelance work?
how can i contact?
Glenford Williams
how do i get the dropdown to show something other than blank spaces?
Andre Basse
@glenfordwilliams Look at the select one Dcoumentation for a dropdown example
Glenford Williams
@abasse thanks i found that afterwards and had some success, Only issue i have now is i'm not sure how to set a default value in the editing view
Glenford Williams
Furkan AKSOY
hi all,
Is there anyone who can reach the doc? I've got 503 error
Hi all, One question is it possible to change Add and Edit word in slideout?

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 7.20.44 PM.png

put public before system

Prakash Divy
hello, is there any easiest way to learn how to use qor? i cloned the example repository and still can't run it well