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Jun 2016
Jun 26 2016 10:33
thanks @harishanchu :smile:
Jun 26 2016 10:49
@harishanchu is there any proper guide available to extend quorrajs?
i mean if i want to write a extension for quorra where should i start?
should i write a serve provider?
Jun 26 2016 13:28

@maqboolkhan Currently you can extend Quorra in two ways

Service providers

With service providers you can add more services to Quorra framework during boot process which your application can consume later. Here is the documentation on how to write a custom service provider and plugin it to the application:

Take a look at some of Quorra's in built service providers:


With middlewares you can intercept your application's request life cycle like normal express.js middlewares. Here is the documentation for Middlewares:

Take a look at some of Quorra's in built middlewares:

In future I will be adding provision to define routes, middlewares, configuration etc as part of an external module and plug it in to the Quorra with the help of service provider defined in the external module.