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Aug 2016
Fergus Ruston
Aug 27 2016 15:06
Hey. Really loving the look of this framework so far after digging in for most of the afternoon. Are there any fully fleshed out example apps out there? The docs and comments are great but I find I learn a lot from exploring actual app code. Thanks!
Aug 27 2016 16:14
hey quorra is in heavy development by @harishanchu but it still in beta and dont have version 1 yet when v1 is ready there will be extensive docs and tutorials but now as quorra is not fully production ready so you have to wait for it :)
@ergusto m just quorra fan like you when @harishanchu will be here he will guide you better
Aug 27 2016 16:20
Thanks @ergusto for your interest in Quorra. @maqboolkhan is right @ergusto .we are still in beta. I'm planning to release v1 soon. After v1 release there will be more tutorials and examples.
Fergus Ruston
Aug 27 2016 21:41
Awesome thanks @maqboolkhan & @harishanchu for the responses. I'll be keeping a keen eye on the project.