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Repo info
    Hi all!
    I'm thinking to add Fody(https://github.com/Fody/Fody).
    But I'm not sure if I should create a new category for it(e.g. AOP or Bytecode Manipulation).
    Or I should just add it into Misc category.
    Vitali Fokin
    Hi there
    @VPashkov you can create new category
    and move Mono.Cecil to it as well
    it is in Misc right now
    Ok. So Bytecode Manipulation will be better choice?
    Vitali Fokin
    maybe better "Reflection"?
    anyway, open PR, we'll discuss it there with another maintainer
    Yes, reflection sounds better.
    Also while you're here, have you considered PostSharp to include in this list?
    It's proprietary but pretty popular and mature.
    Vitali Fokin
    Well, I thought about PostSharp... But! There are plenty proprietary software which is also great and plenty of bad. If we are going to add some commercial products, we need some strict rules for them. I dont want awesome-dotnet list to become an ad list
    There is closed discussion on github (i closed it because of inactivity) about proprietary software
    Feel free to reopen and comment
    Ok. Got it. Thanks.
    Tommy Long
    Is there any reason appveyor isn't listed under CI? Or should I just PR it?
    Vitali Fokin
    You're welcome to add it :)
    Tommy Long
    It's actually really annoying me right now (and not for the first time). May leave that PR to someone that thinks appveyor is any good. (grumble grumble)
    Geoffrey Huntley
    I still <3 appveyor, PR open
    Hi all!
    I'm interesting why there is no Reactive Extensions in awesome-dotnet list?
    Julio Sueiras
    sorry to bother, is there a learning resources/general resources for doing Role-base management for ASP.NET vNext or compatible with vNext?
    hi all
    does anyone know some cool collective twi accounts like a @cssunderhood and @jsunderhood but for .net ?
    Sergey Morenko
    Nice site and awesome list. Thanks.
    very nice,thanks
    Hi all
    Does anyone know whether there are KMDF APIs?
    EveryOne hope all is well.
    Punita Ojha
    This message was deleted
    Arturo Aleé
    for you, whats it's the best microbenchmarking tools?
    Othman Fayed
    Hello. Anybody knows good email analytics library?
    Hi ppl! Any good persistence framework but nhibernate and entity fw? We have a small project based on pgsql and I'm not sure I want this overhead.
    Michael Camara Pendon
    Hello everyone, just happy to share that #RepoDb (https://github.com/mikependon/RepoDb) is now a part of .Net Awesome List. I want to open and make it more public, but how should I start?
    Jojo Aquino
    Added pr to include pdfsharp
    Samuel Jirénius
    Hi all!
    I have a library (https://github.com/jirenius/csharp-res) that might fit .NET Awesome. The equivalent for Go is also in the awesome-go.
    But, I wondered about the "Documented" part of the Quality standard..?
    It does have complete XML comments, and some basic Usage in the README.md . But would that constitute "Documented"?
    Seyed Hossein Hosseini
    Is there anything like Node Media Server for .Net?
    LordDeth #EmpoweringVisions
    Hello! I humbly submitted the PR to add Lara Web Engine. It's a library to develop web user interfaces using C#. It's an alternative to JavaScript or Blazor (development in Lara is done purely in C# without Blazor's razor syntax or SDK). The repository has unit tests covering 92% of the source.
    Omid Mafakher
    I have a open PR needed to be decide by community.
    I put lot of effort on it. Any chance to get approve?
    @ltbam Try Dapper