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Repo info
    John Bachir
    Oded Arbel
    hola, como estas?
    Sorry about merging a pull request early - I decided its an easy patch and I want to continue working on the project I was needing it for. I haven't pushed it to rubygems yet, though, so we can still talk about it.
    John Bachir
    i think the first order of business is to get the test suite to pass
    Matt Palmer
    Ahoy hoy. Definitely +1 on getting the test suite to pass, and for semantic versioning.
    The Gemfile is easy: gemspec
    John Bachir
    @mpalmer wanna make a Gemfile PR
    Matt Palmer
    @jjb: Sure.
    @jjb: Done.
    John Bachir
    Hi Everyone
    I use rack-contrib for Restrict access ip
    I want response template 403.html when access denied. How do you that ?

    Hi Everione
    I'm trying to run tests but getting warning: 'Lighttpd isn't installed. Skipping Rack::Handler::CGI and FastCGI tests. Install lighttpd to run them.'

    I've checked that Lighttpd, and can be runned. Could someone help me?

    Christian Kakesa
    Hi guys