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Aug 2016
Jonatas Miguel
Aug 23 2016 20:56 UTC
Hey all
I'm trying to set up some code that uses inheritance and RRD, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet
I've gotten RRD to include child components and it bundles those up nicely
got to that conclusion by reading the component spec guide
and I know that Ractive.extend supports multiple inheritance (well, as far as prototype chains are concerned anyway), but I don't see a way for setting up MI under what's laid out in the component spec
I've successfully had code running where I'm Ractive.extend-ing from other Ractive.extend-ed objects
and it worked fine
Martin Kolárik
Aug 23 2016 22:50 UTC
@jdfm do you mean you want to use inheritance in components built from HTML files?