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Aug 2016
Jonatas Miguel
Aug 24 2016 00:57 UTC
@MartinKolarik yes
I couldn't find an example of it in the component spec
Although... the spec does show an example of a globally registered component... I know that Ractive.extend works on other Ractive.extend-ed objects...
I think I might know a way forward, but I'll have to test it out
Jonatas Miguel
Aug 24 2016 03:38 UTC
I have a formula that kind of works, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for, I'll post it here tomorrow, for now I sleep
Martin Kolárik
Aug 24 2016 08:56 UTC
there's no way to set up inheritance using the HTML file definitions, you need the JS Ractive.extend() API for that
you could import both components into JS file, use Ractive.extend() and re-export the final component, if you really need it
Jonatas Miguel
Aug 24 2016 12:39 UTC
@MartinKolarik In my case I'm setting up a build process in nodejs, not loading via loaders. In that case, by the time my code is all bundled up, Ractive.extend is available, so I can preemptively use Ractive.extend in my component definitions without it causing me much trouble.