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May 2017
May 14 2017 18:42
Sooo... two things (or maybe three):
The API, Extend and Integrations pages are back to their separate forms. The pages were just too long and unwieldy.
However, I merged the concept pages. Makes sense for each section to be a self-contained page. The table of contents seems to go well with it.
Eliminated some of the non-essential pages from the menus (non-interactive examples, debug, articles etc.). The contents are still there though. We'll reintroduce them somewhere sometime.
Aaand (so there is a fourth thing), the white theme as designed in It's on a separate branch because I broke too many things with markup restructuring. It's written for desktop atm.
May 14 2017 18:50
May 14 2017 19:12
White theme seems much cleaner, nice work @fskreuz