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Jun 2017
Bob Schellink
Jun 20 2017 06:27
What is the preferred way to edit markdown? I'm currently using Atom with the markdown-preview-enhanced plugin. Any good alternative?
Jun 20 2017 12:06
I use VSCode and its built-in preview Ctrl/Cmd+K B and the default light theme.
Jun 20 2017 13:19
Correction, it's Ctrl/Cmd+K V
Jun 20 2017 14:26
What's the reason why observers run on init? And what are use cases for running it on init?
Chris Reeves
Jun 20 2017 14:28
I think observers were originally used to interface with external libs - keeping stuff in sync kinda like a decorator that handles binding. I think that's the primary use case.
Jun 20 2017 15:08