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Sep 2017
Sep 19 2017 01:41
Random question of the day: Does it make sense to publish a minified version of the package when in most cases, the consumer is running some form of minification themselves?
It's somewhat different from transpilation since the flavor of JS you write may differ from the intended audience (i.e. ES 2020) so you have to transpile.
It's also different from bundling since it's always better to flatten a library and seal in the deps (think leftpad) so you have to bundle.
Sep 19 2017 02:02
For instance, Java has WRO. Drupal has a built-in JS/CSS aggregator. Pretty sure Wordpress had one, I remember having problems with it. JS apps have their special snowflake sorcery for minification.
The only reason I can think why minified versions were necessary was for direct consumption from an external source (publisher's website, CDN, etc.)
Chris Reeves
Sep 19 2017 02:15
I know jsdelivr had built-in min, but other cdns aren't as advanced
It's nice to be able to directly link an optimized build
Everything buildy is hopefully on es modules at this point
Martin Kolárik
Sep 19 2017 12:54
jsdelivr minification is great for small libs where dropping minification means you don't need a build process at all
if you need a complex build process anyway, I don't think removing minification makes much sense