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Nov 2017
Larry Osborn
Nov 09 2017 03:04
works for me, thanks!
Nov 09 2017 07:02
Anyone know of a tool that allows you to manipulate JS source/ast and automatically do the source map for you? #askingforafriend :grin:
Chris Reeves
Nov 09 2017 07:05
magic string plus acorn is pretty good
there's pretty good examples in the rollup code, and AST transforms with acorn are pretty awesome
Nov 09 2017 07:07
:+1: I'll take a look, thanks!
Cerem Cem ASLAN
Nov 09 2017 09:12
we have no way to use context (the keypath?) within the computeds right now, do we?
Nov 09 2017 13:59
As far as I remember, no. But I could be wrong. Computeds are more value-centric (accessors) than about where they happened (events).
Rich Harris
Nov 09 2017 14:25

I think everything has been transitioned to, so I'm not even sure that I want to bother @Rich-Harris about it.

ah, yep — it was just redirecting, so I let it die. Still in the window where we can resurrect it if necessary! but i figured there's probably no point