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Dec 2017
Cerem Cem ASLAN
Dec 28 2017 07:37
how can I save an SVG image that is generated by Ractive? for example I want to save the SVG I just generated:
Cerem Cem ASLAN
Dec 28 2017 07:53
...hmm. that's not something related with Ractive, I can not save any SVG image from web.
Dec 28 2017 08:46
You could put the SVG in a container, grab a reference to that container and get the innerHTML.
Encode it to a data URI, stick it to the href of <a download>and you should have a dynamically-generated svg download link.
Or at least in theory...
You can use ractive.observe() to know when the data (and therefore the rendering) changes.
You'll have to set defer:true to the ractive.observe()'s config so that it fires after the render (by default, it fires before)
Paul Maly
Dec 28 2017 12:25
Hey guys! What means warnAboutAmbiguity option?
I've warnAboutAmbiguity: false but still see warning in console.
Chris Reeves
Dec 28 2017 13:42
That's for when ractive fails to resolve a reference to the immediate context
I think there are a few older places in the code that also issue similar warnings involving component mappings or maybe twoway bindings