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Jan 2018
Chris Reeves
Jan 07 2018 21:00
question of the day: {{#await promise}}pending...{{then val}}{{val}}{{catch e}}{{e}}{{/await}} (from svelte) or <await>pending...<then val>{{val}}<catch e>{{e}}</await> where the block for requires changes to core and the element-ish one is just a macro? #3168
Paul Maly
Jan 07 2018 21:14
I believe that <tags /> is for components, and {{#blocks /}} for data things. That's usual Ractive's approach, so we don't need to break this rules.
Cerem Cem ASLAN
Jan 07 2018 22:43
<await ...></await> won't hurt, cheaper is better I think
Jan 07 2018 23:18
I'm in favor of the curlies. Anything with angled brackets I see as element-like (element or component), while anything with curlies I see as placeholders/containers (sections, conditionals, each, etc.). I find anchors in an awkward position because it's sort of a placeholder, but it's using angled brackets.