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Jan 2018
Chris Reeves
Jan 11 2018 13:59 UTC
regarding #3172, has typescript finally gotten around to having contravariance handling that isn't maddening?
c# almost got there, but there's not bottom type, so, yeah
Jan 11 2018 18:43 UTC
I haven't gone that deep in TS. But a type system sure does help. :D
But I also purposefully don't goo in too deep into TS to the point that it's not JS anymore. Bad for onboarding new developers.
Chris Reeves
Jan 11 2018 18:50 UTC
nah, it's super easy to onboard new devs into a deep type system
... if they're coming from haskell or scala 😁
Paul Maly
Jan 11 2018 18:59 UTC
@all new Ractive's logo ideas poll:
Able to select multiple items