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Jan 2018
Juan C. Andreu
Jan 20 2018 12:23
I'm a lurker D:
Paul Maly
Jan 20 2018 12:25
I was about 4 years))
Paul Maly
Jan 20 2018 15:07
@evs-chris @fskreuz I've got an alternative (maybe even consensual) suggestion for two my RFCs.
I think we could simply implement #3178 (about 6 loc), and I'll publish #3176 as a plugin after that. Simple usage will be:
const Ractive = require('ractive');

looks nice and clean, and allows to hold specific functionality out of a core
what do you think about it?
Chris Reeves
Jan 20 2018 15:33
That sounds like a good plan to me.
Paul Maly
Jan 20 2018 16:30
Nice, could you please check my code snippet in #3178 ? Is it good solution or you maybe want to implement your own?