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Jan 2018
Jan 23 2018 00:03
Another question of the day: I know workflows that convert ES to CJS/ES/AMD (Ractive is practically built that way, ES to bundled ES/UMD). Theres also CJS to UMD (Browserify).
But is there a workflow that goes from CJS to... ES? (Aside from writing in CJS module for node, but someone had to use it in an ES project so they had to use rollup + rollup-plugin-commonjs)
Chris Reeves
Jan 23 2018 00:08
@PaulMaly_twitter that's not a bug, though perhaps it could error now that we don't have ie8 dragging us back into the dark ages
you replaced the registry after Parent had already inherited the old one
@fskreuz rollup has a plugin that sorta does, but I think it's really not pretty
Jan 23 2018 00:15
Aside from that, is there a reason to write CJS and "compile" it to ES? Is that even a thing? Or has it always been ES-to-everything?
Chris Reeves
Jan 23 2018 00:20
the only reason I can think of to write cjs is if you have a primarily cjs env and don't want to deal with possible weirdness around default exports
Paul Maly
Jan 23 2018 04:04
@evs-chris oh, I got it. Thx
Juan C. Andreu
Jan 23 2018 11:39
Re: CJS to... ES > Totally not pretty. D:
I think parsing and module resolving is easier for ES loaders . idk, just have that feeling xD nothing technical xD