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Feb 2018
Slawomir Brzezinski
Feb 14 2018 00:00
that was with the old format. With the new format, It's a full divorce :) If I stay with Ractive, I will only see the actual Ractive's component format through a transpiler :)
Which will make it the same job to any other framework... (although I'm still sure no one has caught up on your kick-ass templating/partialling/scoping/yielding/>content features, so perhaps it'll be just a long-distance-relationship :) )
Slawomir Brzezinski
Feb 14 2018 00:16

@fskreuz - I think I see what you're saying now. You're saying my scripts from partials can be put together with Ractive. Like said, I am more trying to support scripts that, unlike that Ractive bit, run multiple times. The ones I want to run only once would be ensured with import. I think I talked about this in this comment of mine:

Anyways... thanks for your time guys. Let me know if you're interested in anything more about this.
Hope I didn't waste your time.
Slawomir Brzezinski
Feb 14 2018 00:30

Ah, I forgot. Regarding @evs-chris remark that I should better use innerHTML: the reason I load even plain HTML as Ractive components, is because, with a little code in the loader, I actually make these partials, as well as every Ractive component, contain conventional data, so always, in any HTML article, I would be able say:
... You can reach me at {{}} ...

(not an actual example)

This probably shows even more vividly why I don't want to have to rewrite a HTML file into a Ractive spec, whenever I decide to introduce something as simple as this dynamic text.