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Mar 2018
Cerem Cem ASLAN
Mar 10 2018 11:31
@fskreuz there is no documentation for now about Ractive.use(), right?
Paul Maly
Mar 10 2018 12:15
Also about await blocks
Mar 10 2018 15:47
@ceremcem Nope, not yet. Haven't had the chance to look at it. PRs are open by the way. :grin:
Mar 10 2018 15:48
Aren't these features only in edge atm?
Mar 10 2018 15:48
I also tend to not document anything that has not come out of edge because I think of edge as "experimental". I've not been keeping track of the releases so I don't know if they're already in 0.9.
Chris Reeves
Mar 10 2018 15:59
only on edge
I tend to leave docs until release time because things tend to change