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Mar 2018
Arnaud Dagnelies
Mar 27 2018 07:25
@brtu out of curio
*out of curiosity, what features of the datatable were you after?
Bruce Tu
Mar 27 2018 17:54
@dagnelies this nice column filter:
i think it's pretty slick
hoping someone can help: i am having some issues with my migration of ractive .8 to .9 with events. before when i call a method with ractive, it passed in an event reference by default which contained a "context" property with my data object
however, in ractive .9, i see from the notes that event got replaced by @context, @event, and @node. however, the @context reference no longer contains my data object as far as i can tell
Bruce Tu
Mar 27 2018 17:59
i.e. this is what my event reference looks like in .8:
has context prop with my data object in it that i want to use
this is what my @context reference looks like in .9:
but doesn't have the context prop with my data or i can't find it anywhere. does anyone have any insight on how to get that context data object info?
Chris Reeves
Mar 27 2018 18:29
@context.get() is the data in the immediate context
so, r.on('event', ctx => ctx.get()) for a proxy event
you can also get relative keypaths with get
set, push, add, etc are available too... see the context object section of the API docs
sorry, on mobile, or I'd link it
Bruce Tu
Mar 27 2018 18:32
got it, works, thanks chris!
Curtis Taylor
Mar 27 2018 21:03
Has anyone been testing against MS Edge? it seems to be ignoring tap events for me (Ractive.js v0.8.0-edge-96f593b59316029485d39293115425f2ae305294, ractive-events-tap@0.3.1/dist/ractive-events-tap.umd.js)
this is Microsoft Edge 41.16299.248.0 btw
Chris Reeves
Mar 27 2018 22:23
not very often
the tap event is probably having some sort of disagreement with pointer events
Curtis Taylor
Mar 27 2018 23:27
likely. unfortunately we have a few users who are running it. I’m reluctant to write any forking code to support it, so I’ll just have to buy my product manager some flowers & send him an apology ;-)
Mar 27 2018 23:51
I think it's safe to fork since it's small enough and doesn't really have a lot of moving parts.
iirc, it's just an event that's a combination of either a pointer, touch or mouse events (whichever is applicable to the device, determined in that order) and a focus+keydown+blur for keyboard navigation.