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Apr 2018
Arnaud Dagnelies
Apr 25 2018 06:37
@kouts before anyone gets the wrong idea, the conclusion of the issue is to use {{#if ...}} to have good performance. The OP had bad performance because he managed visibility with style display:none
Apr 25 2018 12:56
Seeing that there are changes in the resolution of things, I thought I'd bring up ractivejs/ to check if reference resolution is still valid. Is it still correct? Or are there missing steps? Or steps that are affected by config? I think step 9 is no longer accurate, or is at least vague.
Also, anyone with experience on progressive enhancement with Ractive, ractivejs/ would also fill this gap in the docs, if anyone is interested.
Arnaud Dagnelies
Apr 25 2018 13:08
In ractive you can "link" keypaths link(kp1, kp2). Is there also a way to know if two keypaths are linked? Something like isLinked?
Chris Reeves
Apr 25 2018 13:37
readLink on a keypath will tell you where it's linked if it is
@fskreuz yeah, that resolution process is out of date
Larry Osborn
Apr 25 2018 20:14
Does anyone know of a rollup-plugin-ractive example that compiles <style type=“text/sass”> in a component-spec?
I currently have it working with browserify and ractive-componentify. Would love to switch to rollup, but I can’t figure out how to process the sass.
Apr 25 2018 21:01
I don't know of any existing plugin that pre-processes CSS, nor do I know if the current CLI supports it. What I do know is that there are other tools that are able to do it.
Also, rcu was recently updated. That lib has APIs to parse a component file, transform code, and build modules or constructors from it. You can easily drop it in a custom rollup transform, pick out the CSS section, transform it with either a plugin-defined or user-defined pre-processor, reconstruct the module and :tada: