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Jun 2018
Joe Turner
Jun 13 2018 17:05
I used to like tractors, one might say I'm an... ex-tractor fan
Chris Reeves
Jun 13 2018 17:48
sounds like there's a story there
there's a tractor playground about an hour from where I live
it's a big open area construction-ish site with piles of dirt you can dig/push/etc around
also, it's worth renting a skid steer for half a day just to drive around if you have somewhere to do it
lots of fun
Paul Maly
Jun 13 2018 18:29
So, lets re-name it?
TractorJS )))
Jun 13 2018 19:04
Had to google what a "skid steer" is. Found out it's one of those "Wall-E" trucks :joy:
maybe tractorjs would elicit less confusion about relation to react and reactive programming in general