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Jul 2018
Jul 09 2018 12:23
Yep, agreed. I'm cool with 1.0. Everything's pretty much stable.
Nothing stands out in the docs department either, aside from just validating that the APIs are all legit.
Cerem Cem ASLAN
Jul 09 2018 14:12
0.x pumps more adrenaline, though :grin:
really, I do observe stable-release-like demeanour in 0.x releases, so I'd feel very comfortable with either 0.x or 1.x versions
Jul 09 2018 17:43
Is it a crazy idea to generate documentation off a *.d.ts file (excluding examples of course)?
Chris Reeves
Jul 09 2018 17:44
I do it manually 😁
when filling out the .d.ts I found all sorts of stuff that wasn't documented