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Sep 2018
Sep 13 2018 05:01
@ceremcem that's just a missing feature :smile:
I think something has to be implemented first to be considered a bug
Norbert Haberl
Sep 13 2018 12:44
Hello, could you help me please ... within a loop, how can I use a function to load additional data ...
have this: <table as-datatable="items.{{orderid}}, options" />
but this doesn't work ... how can I access the value from the each block inside the decorator ?
Sep 13 2018 13:00
Hi @nhaberl ! Can you provide a simple demo or at least more code for context? Possibly a playground (jsfiddle, codepen, jsbin works too). :grin:
I'm no expert in the datatables end so I can't give advice off the top of my head.
Norbert Haberl
Sep 13 2018 13:35

The model is too complex I guess to host with server side code integrated.
All i wanna do is inside an {{#each items}}

<table as-datatable="orders.{{orderid}}, options" />

where orders is an object inside ractive instance with a proptery name let's say 100 ...

Chris Reeves
Sep 13 2018 13:57
try as-datatable="~/orders[.orderid]”
if you're in a recent ractive version, that will give you the value at items.#.orderid for each item in items