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Oct 2018
Oct 01 2018 14:38
#RandomQuestionOfTheDay : Development-wise (code, build, maintenance, features, etc), what direction would you want Ractive head to and why?
(I have my own opinions, but not posting them yet to not sway the question to one side :grin: )
Arnaud Dagnelies
Oct 01 2018 14:55
A companion UI lib! ;)
Chris Reeves
Oct 01 2018 15:42
I also have list, but it's like to hear from others 😁
Paul Maly
Oct 01 2018 21:38
Less size, more performance)
Joe Turner
Oct 01 2018 21:48
what step am I missing here
<input class="standardTextInput" type="text" value="{{value}}" placeholder="{{placeholder}}" on-focus="'focused')" on-blur="'blurred')" />
then in parent component
<link rel="ractive" href="/app/components/form/text-input.html" name="textInput">

<textInput placeholder="Paste a url you want to promote" on-focused="inputFocused" />

    component.exports = {
        on: {
            inputFocused: function() {
probably something very obvious
I've done this kind of stuff loads of times
and occasionally had similar problems
something I'm not understanding conceptually
that's mainly why I'm asking
putting that exact <script></script> (with event name changed to focused) in the child component works
Joe Turner
Oct 01 2018 21:53
oh yea, the problem is, that there is no "test" appearing in the console haha
Chris Reeves
Oct 01 2018 22:32
I don't know if rcu components work with the on hash
Chris Reeves
Oct 01 2018 22:40
I'll poke at the rcu stuff to see if I can figure it out in a bit