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Oct 2018
Oct 10 2018 18:03

#RandomQuestionOfTheDay: If I were to make Ractive a monorepo... Would you:

  • Put it in the Ractive repo?
  • Put it in a separate repo?
  • Put only the plugins/tools in a separate repo? (Ractive stays in original repo)

And would you:

  • Move Ractive to an org account? (i.e. npm i @ractivejs/ractive)
  • Have Ractive remain as is? (i.e. npm i ractive)
  • Put only the plugins/tools in org, Ractive remains where it is? (i.e. npm i ractive; npm i @ractivejs/adaptor-bacon)
And lastly, what should be done with the old repos and packages if everything was moved to a monorepo? I suppose archive and deprecate, but any other ideas?
Chris Reeves
Oct 10 2018 19:12
I'd go with a new repo with everything to leave existing stuff intact with deprecations
Chris Reeves
Oct 10 2018 19:19
I'd also move everything to the org going forward and do @ractivejs/core
with everything that's supported in the repo for testing purposes