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Oct 2018
Cerem Cem ASLAN
Oct 16 2018 23:22
there is an interesting problem over here
I tried to reproduce but the 'Trigger' button seems to work in playground. however, it doesn't work in my actual application
I'm using this.findAllComponents and filter it out to find the desired component, x. x.get('id') gives the correct id, so I'm confident that it is the correct component. so I'm firing its _click event by'_click'), but it doesn't fire
Cerem Cem ASLAN
Oct 16 2018 23:32
how should I debug any further?
a-ha! just reproduced: it's on Line 2: {{>content}}. Now I need to fire button with Trigger button without changing the {{>content}} to {{yield}}. what should I do?