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Nov 2018
Arnaud Dagnelies
Nov 09 2018 08:46
I used both, but in the end stick with ace... They were pretty equal and I don't remember the exact reason though
You will find a code mirror plug-in too in my repositories
Arnaud Dagnelies
Nov 09 2018 09:40
btw, I don't see any flickering at all. Tested with chrome/FF/edge. What browser are you using?
Chris Reeves
Nov 09 2018 13:04
I checked with chrome
Cerem Cem ASLAN
Nov 09 2018 13:40
I checked with chrome too
exactly: Version 69.0.3497.92 (Developer Build) built on Debian buster/sid, running on Debian buster/sid (64-bit)
Arnaud Dagnelies
Nov 09 2018 20:35
Ah, that's what you call flickering. The resizing of the gutter when more digits are displayed. I considered that completely normal behavior.