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Mar 2019
Joe Turner
Mar 14 23:05
well, after a tonne of trial and error I managed to locate the problem
question is is whether it's a problem with my understanding, or a bug in Ractive
basically the only difference between the broken wrapper and the working wrapper is a <div></div>
clicking the "click here" will add a value to the array, which makes a new modal appear in each wrapper
this is a VERY specific bug because if there is no loop, and you instead use an if statement checking for a boolean value, it's not broken
clicking on any of the items generated should result in "working!" appearing in the console
in the broken wrapper the on-click doesn't seem to be firing
Joe Turner
Mar 14 23:10
also if you comment out the "this.insert(document.body);" then all the items work
so yea, weird combination of factors here
happy fiddling :)