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Repo info
    Lefteris Karapetsas
    microraiden can already be used, even though it's not yet a stable release.

    For raiden we have a different channel: https://gitter.im/raiden-network/raiden

    But there is no timeline we can provide

    Robin Attig
    ok, thank you!
    Shashank Prasad

    HI Guys, i am trying to setup microraiden but running into this issue.

    root@ip-172-31-6-26:~/test# virtualenv -p python3 env
    Running virtualenv with interpreter /usr/bin/python3
    Using base prefix '/usr'
    New python executable in env/bin/python3
    Also creating executable in env/bin/python
    Installing setuptools, pip...done.
    root@ip-172-31-6-26:~/test# . env/bin/activate
    (env)root@ip-172-31-6-26:~/test# git clone https://github.com/raiden-network/microraiden.git
    Cloning into 'microraiden'...
    remote: Counting objects: 8305, done.
    remote: Compressing objects: 100% (81/81), done.
    remote: Total 8305 (delta 62), reused 77 (delta 46), pack-reused 8176
    Receiving objects: 100% (8305/8305), 13.68 MiB | 1.75 MiB/s, done.
    Resolving deltas: 100% (5950/5950), done.
    Checking connectivity... done.
    (env)root@ip-172-31-6-26:~/test# cd microraiden/microraiden
    '(env)root@ip-172-31-6-26:~/test/microraiden/microraiden# pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/root/test/env/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pip/basecommand.py", line 122, in main
    status = self.run(options, args)
    File "/root/test/env/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pip/commands/install.py", line 262, in run
    for req in parse_requirements(filename, finder=finder, options=options, session=session):
    File "/root/test/env/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pip/req.py", line 1631, in parse_requirements
    req = InstallRequirement.from_line(line, comes_from, prereleases=getattr(options, "pre", None))
    File "/root/test/env/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pip/req.py", line 172, in from_line
    return cls(req, comes_from, url=url, prereleases=prereleases)
    File "/root/test/env/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pip/req.py", line 70, in init
    req = pkg_resources.Requirement.parse(req)
    File "/root/test/env/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pip/_vendor/pkg_resources.py", line 2606, in parse
    reqs = list(parse_requirements(s))
    File "/root/test/env/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pip/_vendor/pkg_resources.py", line 2544, in parse_requirements
    line, p, specs = scan_list(VERSION,LINE_END,line,p,(1,2),"version spec")
    File "/root/test/env/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pip/_vendor/pkg_resources.py", line 2522, in scan_list
    "Expected ',' or end-of-list in",line,"at",line[p:]
    ValueError: ("Expected ',' or end-of-list in", 'pytest>=2.7.2,!=3.3.', 'at', '')

    Storing debug log for failure in /root/.pip/pip.log '

    sorry for the long message. my serve info below
    (env)root@ip-172-31-6-26:~/test/microraiden/microraiden# python -V
    Python 3.4.3
    (env)root@ip-172-31-6-26:~/test/microraiden/microraiden# lsb_release -a
    No LSB modules are available.
    Distributor ID: Ubuntu
    Description: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
    Release: 14.04
    Codename: trusty
    any ideas? Thanks for your time!
    Lefteris Karapetsas
    @_shashankprasad_twitter what is your pip version? Seems it has problems recognizing the range syntax of the requirements file

    Hi Guys, I managed to set microraiden and
    I'm trying to deploy new custom created token using microraiden. I am running a Ropsten in localhost. Command which I use to run a script is

    --chain=ropsten --supply=1000000 --token-name=LepiToken --owner=40cdfcd88a52160ec3b26260fb06639ef6034554 --token-decimals=2 --token-symbol=LTAA --challenge-period 500

    This owner string is my account public address that I obtained from my MetaMask wallet.

    The error I'm facing is :

    raise ValueError(response["error"])
    ValueError: {'code': -32000, 'message': 'unknown account'}
    sys:1: ResourceWarning: unclosed file <_io.BufferedReader name=9>
    sys:1: ResourceWarning: unclosed file <_io.BufferedWriter name=6>
    sys:1: ResourceWarning: unclosed file <_io.BufferedReader name=7>
    sys:1: ResourceWarning: unclosed <socket object at 0x7fccb0eed588>
    Can somebody help me with this unknown account? Why I get this error?

    I solved this ! :)
    Tim van de Vathorst
    Hey Guys, I just installed MicroRaiden on my server. What would be the best place to start for me?
    I'm a NodeJS developer myself with not much Python experience
    What I don't understand yet is the role of the server, you need a Parity server (this I do understand), Raiden server, and a client web3 connection right? Will the client talk to the parity server with web3 or to the Raiden server using the API? This is still a bit confusing to me
    Loredana Cirstea
    You don't need to run a Parity server, but you need to run a local chain (Ropsten, Kovan, custom etc.) - you can use geth for example. You can also run it as a light client. This chain is used by the µRaiden server to watch for contract events. The web client needs MetaMask to interact with the paywall. Check out our docs (currently working on improving them): http://microraiden.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html
    @Timvdv --^
    Tim van de Vathorst
    I have a synced chain to the robsten network
    ahh okay.. So the Python is actually the back-end connecting with the blockchain. I'm used to implement it in the Front-end. Is it still possible to talk to µRaiden from the front-end?
    @loredanacirstea I don't have permission to view the link you just send
    Loredana Cirstea
    @Timvdv , the link to the docs is in the github repository readme (https://github.com/raiden-network/microraiden). It should be public. We have a npm package with all the logic needed to communicate with the µRaiden server & blockchain: https://github.com/raiden-network/microraiden/tree/master/microraiden/webui/microraiden .
    Tim van de Vathorst
    Thanks, I'll check it out
    Tim van de Vathorst
    I'm wondering, how do I find my private key in Parity?
    python -m microraiden.examples.demo_proxy --private-key <private_key_file> start
    $HOME/.local/share/io.parity.ethereum/keys has an Ethereum folder but the object inside is just empty
    Tim van de Vathorst
    This is probably more of an parity issue.. On startup it tells me the keys are in /root/.local/share/io.parity.ethereum/keys/Ropsten but that folder does not exist
    Loredana Cirstea
    Yes, this is a Parity setup issue. The keys should have been in io.parity.ethereum/keys/ - wherever that is located on your system (location should be documented in the Parity docs).
    André Vitor de Lima Matos
    @Timvdv on the server, your key doesn't need to be in the eth node (e.g. parity). If you create one through parity's interface, for example, it'll be in the folder you listed, but if you didn't, the eth node will still launch and work. In the µRaiden server side, it doesn't care from where does your key come from, as far as it can access it. If it's on the parity's default path, you can point it directly there, with --private-key, or copy if from there to another path. The key is read directly, and the eth node is used only to talk with the network. So, you can launch parity without a key, and generate one with Metamask and put it directly in µRaiden server, and it'll work.
    Tim van de Vathorst
    @andrevmatos Ahh okay! Did not know that. Got it working by creating an account using the Parity UI which created the keys for me. I'll start creating my microraiden dapp next week :+1:
    Deep Chenna
    Hi, I'm trying to run the echo_server.py example code. I'm stuck with following issue. Can some one help with root cause for this issue
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/Users/Deep/Documents/OneDrive/Documents/BlockChain/Paid API/WD/proxy-server.py", line 102, in <module>
    File "/Users/Deep/anaconda/envs/raiden/lib/python3.5/site-packages/click/core.py", line 722, in call
    return self.main(args, kwargs)
    File "/Users/Deep/anaconda/envs/raiden/lib/python3.5/site-packages/click/core.py", line 697, in main
    rv = self.invoke(ctx)
    File "/Users/Deep/anaconda/envs/raiden/lib/python3.5/site-packages/click/core.py", line 895, in invoke
    return ctx.invoke(self.callback,
    File "/Users/Deep/anaconda/envs/raiden/lib/python3.5/site-packages/click/core.py", line 535, in invoke
    return callback(
    args, **kwargs)
    File "/Users/Deep/Documents/OneDrive/Documents/BlockChain/Paid API/WD/proxy-server.py", line 49, in main
    File "/Users/Deep/Documents/OneDrive/Documents/BlockChain/Paid API/WD/proxy-server.py", line 74, in run
    File "/Users/Deep/anaconda/envs/raiden/lib/python3.5/site-packages/microraiden/make_helpers.py", line 58, in make_channel_manager
    token_address = channel_manager_contract.call().token()
    File "/Users/Deep/anaconda/envs/raiden/lib/python3.5/site-packages/web3/contract.py", line 794, in call_contract_function
    output_data = decode_abi(output_types, return_data)
    File "/Users/Deep/anaconda/envs/raiden/lib/python3.5/site-packages/eth_abi/abi.py", line 58, in decode_abi
    raise TypeError("The data value must be of bytes type. Got {0}".format(type(data)))
    TypeError: The data value must be of bytes type. Got <class 'str'>
    Loredana Cirstea
    @deepchenna I think you are using web3.py v.3.* instead of web3==v4.0.0-beta.4 . You should use our requirements files to install the pip packages. Also, note that it's better to you run uRaiden in a virtual environment.
    Deep Chenna
    @loredanacirstea Thankyou for the reply.. I've checked the web3 version, i'm having v4.0.0b4. In fact i followed the steps in quickstart portion in readme file.
    Loredana Cirstea
    @deepchenna , what version of eth-abi do you have if you do a pip freeze? Try with eth-abi==0.5.0
    Deep Chenna
    @loredanacirstea Thank you.. it was 1.0.0.. issue got resolved after changing to 0.5.0
    Loredana Cirstea
    There is a new 0.2.5 micrroraiden pypi release with a version fix as for this morning.
    Martin Opdenacker
    Hello I am trying to launch examples from the microraiden github repository, the server is starting fine but i get "Channel manager ETH balance is below limit" with no webUI. How can I get the default webUI running?
    Loredana Cirstea
    @MartinOpde , you provided an account private key when you started the proxy. It means that you don't have enough ETH on it - you need at least 10**8 WEI . See the webui-related instructions from https://github.com/raiden-network/microraiden#quick-start
    Martin Opdenacker
    @loredanacirstea Thx it's ok now
    Tim van de Vathorst

    I have another question, might be pretty simple, but I can't find it in the docs.

    I now have 2 accounts that opened a channel. Now I want to send an offchain transaction from account 1 to account 2. How do I do this (using the front-end, not the Python interface).

    Loredana Cirstea
    @Timvdv , to make sure we are on the same page: when you want to send an off-chain transaction between two accounts, there are some requirements:
    1. a channel needs to exist between the accounts
    2. the account in the receiver role needs to run the uRaiden Python proxy server and it has to be online, otherwise it cannot receive offchain payments.
      Now, for the sender to use the web interface, see the link to the Readme quick start from above regarding the webui. You can run the proxy examples shown here: http://microraiden.readthedocs.io/en/docs-develop/applications/pyserver/usage.html (wikipaydia, demo_proxy) to see the paywall web interface.
    Tim van de Vathorst

    Thanks for the quick response, the proxy is up and running. I connected 2 accounts via the uraiden openChannel function and added some balance to open the channel. the channel block is the same for both accounts. This means they're in the same channel right?

    I don't really understand the sender/receiver part. A sender can also be a receiver right? I created a image to clear things up.


    Mhh, Thats not really readable, try this link: http://cloud.tvdv.me/2X0C1E3t280U/o
    Loredana Cirstea
    @Timvdv the channel is unidirectional. You can only send tokens from the sender (e.g. A) to a receiver (e.g.) B, so : A -> B. Raiden Network has bidirectional channels and you can send A <-> B (even if you don't have a channel opened directly between A and B).
    So with uRaiden, the only way you could send A<->B is to have two channels. But this means that both A and B have to run the uRaiden Python proxy.
    Note that uRaiden is efficient when you need to do frequent payments, ideally unidirectional (think users paying for a service that they use frequently or apps using a paid API)
    Tim van de Vathorst
    Aha, okay makes sense! Thanks for the explanation. I'm creating an IOT Dashboard, from here you can add different devices. a smart lightbulb for example. I think this is the correct use case for uraiden, I want to open a channel once, and then send the commands on/off regularly. I created a new diagram. This should work right? http://cloud.tvdv.me/3h212X3U0i1B
    I have one more question, if we use the example in my diagram. How can the user find the IOT device and open the initial channel
    Loredana Cirstea
    @Timvdv , the new diagram is correct with a single nitpicky mention -> the Parity Server should be uRaiden proxy + Ethereum chain. For the users to find an IoT device, you have to store the available IoT device addresses - this is a Dapp related issue, not a uRaiden one, if I understand the question correctly.
    Tim van de Vathorst
    Thanks @loredanacirstea !
    Loredana Cirstea
    @Timvdv , you are welcome! Feel free to keep us posted with your project.
    i asked in reddit about EIP 712
    The whole is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/84u6ip/ethereum_developer_community_please_help_raiden/ and there is 2 comments according them EIP712 is not important: