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Repo info
    Lefteris Karapetsas
    hey @hivemall for raiden questions please go to the raiden channel: https://gitter.im/raiden-network/raiden
    this is only for uRaiden.
    You can use Raiden right now on public or private testnets. It's completely functional
    There is simply no mainnet deployment yet. For that I can't give a date.
    You can ofcourse use Raiden in your thesis. Our specification is online: https://raiden-network-specification.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
    and the docs on how to get started are also online: https://raiden-network.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
    Patrick Lenert

    Hello Community, can you guys please look at my specific problem with the uRaiden Example: raiden-network/microraiden#491

    Thanks in advance.

    Stefan Benten
    @patricklenert I am not sure regarding your issue, but i am running a full node and didnt encounter this message. Maybe the light client doesnt have enough local blocks cached to respond properly?
    Paul Zietsman
    Hey guys, I'm trying to get started with microraiden, but I can't get the past the installation step. Does anybody have a Dockerfile or something with the dependencies I need to get started?
    I tried on Mac and then switched to Ubuntu, but the pip install requirements keeps on getting errors.
    André Vitor de Lima Matos
    Hi, @phzietsman . If you look into the repository, you'll see a docker folder containing our exact in-production environment at demo.micro.raiden.network
    You may want to adapt it a little, to remote e.g. SSL from nginx, etc, but it's a fully working solution to get the dependencies and environment right for µRaiden
    Paul Zietsman
    Awesome! Thanks
    Continue with the good work!
    how can i use microraiden with infura node instead of geth. I saw that it can be done in the documentation but there is no sample of it.
    André Vitor de Lima Matos
    @1nfinite Hi. Infura is already used by the web/js client, through Metamask. About the server, it requires filters, which infura doesn't support currently. You could look into Raiden's implementation of StatelessFilters, and try to port the idea to µRaiden, but right now it's not an usecase we support
    I would love to know if you have any updates for MicroRaiden since the last release of 0.2.5? Given that I am mostly interested on unidirectional payment scenarios, just wondering if we can base our development efforts out of MicroRaiden or will Ithaca provide more capabilities in this unidirectional payment situation. Can someone clarify? Thanks in advance.
    @crypto0925_gitlab Currently we focus on building the Raiden Network and work towards the Ithaca Milestone (https://medium.com/raiden-network/development-update-the-road-towards-ithaca-58c5d68954e0). There is no update on MicroRaiden.
    hello !
    i install microraiden with some error!
    what error is it ?
    chirag maliwal
    any example or sample code which implement state channel techniques using micro raiden contract
    João Quintanilha
    Hello. I am trying to find my way through uRaiden and raiden. I ended up seeing uRaiden has no contributions on github since April 2018. Does this means its development has stopped? is it still a viable? Or should I just focus in Raiden ?
    Jacob Stenum Czepluch
    Focusing on Raiden is better. uRaiden is not maintained.
    João Quintanilha
    Thank you Jacob
    Jacob Stenum Czepluch
    Taking a look at the Raiden light client might be interesting though https://github.com/raiden-network/light-client
    João Quintanilha
    What does it differ from the normal Raiden (https://github.com/raiden-network/raiden) ?
    I mean, Assuming I'm a dev and I want to do some stuff using Raiden, what would be the best way for me to use Raiden network?
    André Vitor de Lima Matos
    @quintanilha6 Raiden Light Client is written from scratch in TypeScript, and targetting browser usage (as well as other supported platforms, like mobile and Node.js). The "light" part expects the Raiden node to not be online all the time, while full client does, so one can close browser tab and still be safe. It's also standalone as a JS library, so you as a dev can just npm install, import, instantiate and start interacting with the network right away (for sending payments only, for now), while the full client requires a running instance and to interact with it through its REST API, but can send, receive and mediate payments. So, they both talk the same protocol, but have different assumptions and targets. Full client is more intended for the core of the network, while most end users are expected to be closer to the edges, through light-clients connected to full clients.
    Whz does Kyper and Uniswap not work. Any ideas
    Jacob Stenum Czepluch
    @frisir In what context are you asking the question?