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Oct 2015
Taras Matsyk
Oct 29 2015 20:29
Hi everyone,
I am just giving a try to sqlserver-adapter which looks so great and helpful.
I am looking for some support at the moment and would appreciate if I can ask a couple of questions here
Taras Matsyk
Oct 29 2015 20:36

I will ask the question, if it is not the right place - just ignore it.

I am using 'sqlserver' adapter amd 'rmre' gem to create rails models from sql server on windows. I have the models created, they do work. What I want to do is to build an admin page on top of that so I decided to use rails_admin.

After I installed it I get the next error:
"Unsupported field datatype: nchar"
I guess that gem's data types were not registered in RailsAdmin by some reason or I have not configured the gem correctly. Any idea of how to troubleshoot the issue?