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Nov 2016
Nov 29 2016 10:20
hi mr ken
i have project with 'rails', '~>'
and i have error with ActiveRecord
Ken Collins
Nov 29 2016 12:52
Well the 3.2 adapter is pretty strong and very well tested by now. So the likelyhood is that your error is related to your project's code and/or gems. That said, I would be happy to help if I can. Can you post more details?
John Munyi
Nov 29 2016 13:26
running into a a very strange issue, my mssql table has an ID but when I query thro Activerecord the ID comes back as nil
when I use .find(40) its doesnt find but .where(id: 40) returns a record
never mind sorted
Ken Collins
Nov 29 2016 21:58
Cool... was it self.primary_key = :ID or something?