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May 2017
Sylvain Abélard
May 16 2017 09:39
Hi all! Sorry to bother, I have a Rails 4 app and a SQL Server 2008 in production, which adapter would you recommend?
(also worth of note: using JRuby deploys so jdbc adapter with SQL server)
Sorry, I hate to barge in with my problems and not providing anything to the community first, but this is time-sensitive for me. I've been in deep Arel / JDBC / SQL server stuff, but the only thing I can give that you can use and might like is ^^
Ken Collins
May 16 2017 11:34
Hey Sylvain... do you use JRuby? Silly question, but worth asking?
If so, it kind of locks you into using the (in my opinion, poorly written) JDBC adapter which is highly coupled to that connection mode. It has been a goal of mine to make the adapter a base for all connection methods to SQL Server despite the raw connection. I never found time for that but a fellow contributor is stepping up. Full details here...
Sylvain Abélard
May 16 2017 12:28
@metaskills yes we're deploying on JRuby. Thanks for the answer, and the very detailed issue 759. I'm sad to be stuck but I may take time to help you both.