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Jul 2017
Joe Bauser
Jul 03 2017 02:56
@metaskills so I see that is getting some serious work done on it. Have you checked it out yet? Apparently it requires some extra work for gem compatibility. Maybe once we're done with the miniportile stuff I'll take a look at getting ready for rubyinstaller2
Oh wow, I didn't realize it hit official release...
Joe Bauser
Jul 03 2017 03:02
It has some pretty nice features which may make it unnecessary to distribute openssl and libiconv once it has enough adoption:
Now we just wait to see if it gets adopted. I'm hoping adoption will be accelerated since rubyinstaller1 still lacks a maintainer.
Ken Collins
Jul 03 2017 11:41
Re: RubyInstaller2, I have not.
WOW! Reading up on that now. All this is foreign to me, but MSYS2 seems hot.
Joe Bauser
Jul 03 2017 14:44
Yeah I'm excited to see where it goes from here. :)