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Apr 2018
Apr 17 2018 16:45
Is there a way to make new versions of the gem (compatible with rails 5) also compatible with an old sql server? We're rewriting an ancient application on rails 5 and would like to have both versions running in parallel during development. The old application runs off of a 2005 MSSQL Server, while our newer sql db is 2012. We are eventually planning on migrating everything to the new DB, but the old app is rails 2 and can't connect to SQL Server 2012. We'd like to avoid migrating both the sql server and the rails app at the same time if we can avoid it
Ryan Condron
Apr 17 2018 18:50
I am digging through the changes between 5.1 & 5.2 and i have started to compile a list of changes just trying to get the tests to run, I am not sure opening issues is the best since these are pretty basic, i.e. removed files from ActiveRecord or Arel that are referenced.