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Apr 2019
Rob Widmer
Apr 22 12:33
@metaskills We're making an effort to support mssql in jruby and we currently have 2 different approaches that we're trying and we need some input from this project as to what makes sense long term
I think the preferred method is to have a wrapper around the ActiveRecord-sqlserver-adapter gem that just takes care of the driver specifics, i.e. jruby/activerecord-jdbc-adapter#1008
But that depends on us being able to get some changes into activerecord-sqlserver-adapter and knowing that there will be support long term
The other option that has been proposed is basically a fork of the activerecord-sqlserver-adapter into the activerecord-jdbc-adapter gem i.e. jruby/activerecord-jdbc-adapter#1007
Rob Widmer
Apr 22 12:38
I think it is beneficial for both projects in the long term to go with the first option because then we don't have 2 entirely different implementations of the core of the adapter, but if you think it will be too much work to make it happen, then we can go the "fork" route