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Jordan Shackelford
Like I don't want to deploy the whole git repo, just a sub folder
Daniel Wilkowski
@JordanShackelford You could make a read-only repository on github, that's a copy of a folder from your real repository, and host that on Heroku.


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Middle DevOps (Azure+Python(Boto3))
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Senior Manual QA (Blazemeter)
Senior Embedded Software Engineer
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Data Architect (DataScience)
Middle Ruby on Rails Developer
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Didrik Birkemalm
Can someone help me understand how I can include leaflet in a Rails7 app with importmap?
backward crazy mage puppy 36
Hi, does anyone know how to enable yjit for rails application ?
@backward-crazy-mage-puppy-36 I know
Zipho Mashologu
Hi, I have a question here, I am trying to upgrade from 6.1.6 to 7.0.0.alpha1 & hitting a migration issue. NoMethodError: undefined method `key?' for nil:NilClass - is that familiar to someone here? Thanks in advance.
Lucas M.R.
Hi, does anyone know if there is a package in python where I can create models similar to what Ruby on rails does with Rails Generator? How:
$ rails generate Controller mycontroller
@zipho while researching something else, i kept seeing problems with early rails 7, and the answer was to install rails 7.0.3. the way to be safe about making such a jump would be to arrive here for the gemhttps://rubygems.org/gems/rails/versions/7.0.3
@zipho arrive here for the changelog from where you are to 7.0.3 .. see if your code is affected, if so, make needed change(s) : https://github.com/rails/rails/releases .. hope that helps
Zipho Mashologu
thanks @kathyonu - i had some redundant migration script that was tripping me.
Marcos Koby
rails question here. There is an association I need to modify, so that child model needs to remain after a parent model gets deleted.
How might I generate a migration so that in postrgresql, a foreign_key changes to 'ON DELETE SET NULL' ?

@klepsydra: Hello and welcome !

You can specify it on the relation declaration, in the parent model: has_many :<children>, dependent: :nullify

the foreign key field should be nullable at the database level for this to work
Marcos Koby

Thanks @mtancoigne:matrix.org . I wrote a migration.rb file by hand:

 def change
    remove_foreign_key :babies, :parents 

    change_column :babies, :parent_id, :uuid, null: true  

    add_foreign_key "babies", "parents", on_delete: :nullify   

I couldn't figure out if rails generate migration had some options to do this from a shell command.

I don't know either; I always write migrations by hand
Daniel Wilkowski
You guys like OO?

Hi All,

I am new to ruby on rails, while running bundle install on centos vm getting the below error

An error occurred while installing msgpack (1.5.2), and Bundler cannot continue.

In Gemfile:
bootsnap was resolved to 1.12.0, which depends on

Can anyone let me know if you have any solution for this error
Anshul Riyal
@Udhayakumarpt I usually had something similar while working on window or ruby version dependency issues.. Try changing ruby version. Let me me know if that helps🤞
1 reply
HI All, I am working with ruby in Rspec and getting bootsnap error .can anyone help me to fix it.
@anshulriyal_gitlab thanks for the solution
Do any of you have pdf or epub of ruby on rails tutorial 7th version. I have tried a lot of private trackers but couldn't find anything
Kazuya Nomura
Hello everyone
Hope you are spending good weekend.
I am newbie to here.
Is there any good guide for ruby, ruby on rails beginner?
1 reply
Thank you. @Anshul Riyal
I'd like to readable tutorials
@eswarishanmugam Have you sorted it out yet?
If not, desribe the error/problem.
Dan Simpson
Does anyone have an idea why running importmap json would produce different outputs when running with RAILS_ENV=development and RAILS_ENV=production. All of my application specific javascript files are missing in production.