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Nov 2014
Brian Mock
Nov 27 2014 05:58
hello~ this is neat
Richard Seldon
Nov 27 2014 07:25
quick question folks. Do we have a "compact" function? Trim all falsy values from an array. apologies if overlooked something blatantly obvious :)
This message was deleted
R.filter(R.identity, list);
Richard Seldon
Nov 27 2014 07:35
think there is room for sugar with this one.
also be interested to know how many of you use Dash for documentation?
see that underscore, lodash and a bunch of JS frameworks publish their docs as docsets on Dash. i would like to volunteer converting our docs to dash docset format.
If you are not a fan of Apple then ignore the above -
Graeme Yeates
Nov 27 2014 18:27
-1 on that, underscore has wanted to remove _.compact(list) in favour of _.filter(list, Boolean) for a long time and we avoid _.compact internally
But yeah, dash integration would be awesome I reference docs off dash all the time
Richard Seldon
Nov 27 2014 20:30
Thanks @megawac - appreciate the insights. All right, will start work on Dash integration :)