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Dec 2014
David Chambers
Dec 09 2014 01:37
I'll prepare a parable. ;)
Scott Sauyet
Dec 09 2014 02:40
Obviously I need to finish my damned Philosophy of Ramda document. There's a long section in there that speaks to my objection to the Underscore/Lo-Dash idea of treating lists, strings, and arrays uniformly. So yes, perhaps there will be :fireworks: .
Raine Virta
Dec 09 2014 11:46
yea I was just slightly baffled by capitalize(head(str)) + tail(str) => Fo,o
at the same time I realize it would probably be against the laws of universe for head and tail to return the same type
Raine Virta
Dec 09 2014 12:02
at least in haskell you would've got a type error
Michael Hurley
Dec 09 2014 14:04
i think the :fireworks: barge is getting loaded up with powder as we speak ....