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Jan 2015
Michael Hurley
Jan 31 2015 00:02
I added the repl to the root of you can pass v=$VERSION in the querystring to specify which one you want; or if you don't pass anything, it will grab the latest (from jsdelivr)
v can be in x.x or x.x.x format. See jsdelivr docs for more details
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Michael Hurley
Jan 31 2015 00:07
The Monad


How can I contribute examples for the TryIt?

PR against Please don't worry about the repl in the 0.9 dir, focus on the one in the root dir. and thanks!


Are you considering using a JS framework? Angular, React, etc?

nope, i'm ready to move on to the next thing. I would happily entertain PRs that improve the repl, though :smile:

Michael Hurley
Jan 31 2015 00:13
Also, i would like to add a url shortener button to it, to make it easy to pass examples around
Michael Hurley
Jan 31 2015 00:21
@toastal hey, that looks cool, thanks -- i'm curious to see who is using it