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Mar 2015
Ludwig Magnusson
Mar 30 2015 08:03
@paldepind Looking at flyd, doesn't the internal map take the arguments in the wrong order?
Simon Friis Vindum
Mar 30 2015 09:14
@TheLudd Indeed it does. That's to support fantasy land:
The exposed map has arguments in the right order (and is currently very crudely curried).
Walle Cyril
Mar 30 2015 12:37
hi can someone give me critics and review for my first ramda game ?
Scott Sauyet
Mar 30 2015 15:00
@GrosSacASac: sorry, I have no German. I might try it later with a translator by my side. I will try to look at the code then too.
Raine Virta
Mar 30 2015 15:13
updated wiki a bit
Scott Sauyet
Mar 30 2015 17:14
Needed it desperately. ..