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Apr 2015
Raine Virta
Apr 03 2015 13:34
APIs that are meant to be chained are difficult to compose, right?
Apr 03 2015 15:44
What's the best IDE for trying out Ramda? I want to use Ramda to code a state machine program I wrote in J which is basically a connection matrix then uses some of J's reduce operators with simple logic functions to work the matrix and change the state. I was hoping to use Wakanda, a Javascript complete web development package for an IDE but it looks like it does not have a useable console. JS Fiddle looks good. My goal is to use Ramda, a matrix library and a decent IDE then switch from J coding to Javascript for web development - to keep LOC way down and avoid the one liner syndrome of J/APL. J currently has no web development capability. From what I see it looks like Ramda+Matrixlib would mean J with LOC*3 which is perfect. My Javascript experience is nil but I want to optimize my coding landscape before I start coding. Everything in Javascript/Ramda and multidimensional.
Scott Sauyet
Apr 03 2015 20:53
I know that @buzzdecafe is still a vi/vim guy. I was a text editor only guy too until a few years ago. But now I use WebStorm.
Nate Abele
Apr 03 2015 20:53
And now you're a human? Whoa.
Scott Sauyet
Apr 03 2015 20:54
Hard to use on my phone! Keep accidentally completing. :smile:
I don't use IDE features like auto-complete, so I can't compare those to other editors, but it's the first IDE that made me feel comfortable.
Walle Cyril
Apr 03 2015 21:59
I use notepad
Michael Hurley
Apr 03 2015 22:11
vi ftw :wq