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Apr 2015
Ludwig Magnusson
Apr 17 2015 08:13
@safareli You can create a propLens like this:
var propLens = R.converge(R.lens, R.prop, R.assoc);
var fooLens = propLens('foo')
adding the comment to the gist as well
Irakli Safareli
Apr 17 2015 10:15
thanks @TheLudd @CrossEye
Jed Schneider
Apr 17 2015 19:05
hi all. what is a good way to do a mapObj or lens when you need reference of two objects. in this case container and background
@bounding = {x: (background.width * largerRatio) - container.width, y: (background.height * largerRatio) - container.height}
or is there a better fn I'm overlooking?
Scott Sauyet
Apr 17 2015 20:53
@jedschneider: that doesn't look to me as though it had anything to do with mapObj. Is there something terribly wrong with the way you've already written it?
Jed Schneider
Apr 17 2015 21:34
@CrossEye no, just seems like I'm updating an object with similar functions and it seems like I might be missing an obvious abstraction there.
err, um creating an object