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Apr 2015
Raine Virta
Apr 18 2015 17:35
is there a better way to abstract some operation on each line?
Raine Virta
Apr 18 2015 17:42
trying to compose mapLines with and
Raine Virta
Apr 18 2015 18:13
or does there exist a trick for writing it as unlines . map . lines so that you can pass a function to map there somehow?
Hardy Jones
Apr 18 2015 18:49
@jedschneider If I understand properly, you could take your lens as an argument:
var computed = function(getter) {
  return getter(background) * largerRatio - getter(container);
var widthLens = ...
var heightLens = ...
var bounding = {x: computed(widthLens), y: computed(heightLens)};
@raine i'm not sure what you're looking for.